Smurfs: The Lost Village – Film Review

Conceptualized by Belgian cartoonist Peyo in 1958, a cast of adorable blue characters living in mushroom-shaped houses returned for an action-packed adventure that sets them on a mysterious trail through the Forbidden Forest.

Smurfs: The Lost Village was produced by Sony Pictures Animation and directed by Kelly Ashbury. The fully animated film follows the tale of Smurfette, voiced by the dynamic Demi Lovato, and her friends Brainy, Clumsy, and Hefty. They all embark on a journey with the aid of a treasure map, eventually leading them to the most incredible discovery in the pages of Smurf history.

Smurfette’s origins are steeped in mysterious forces as she is created by the Smurf’s arch enemy, Gargamel, voiced by the formidable Rainn Wilson, to stealthily infiltrate the quaint and elusive Smurf village. However, Papa Smurf can foil this evil plan with his powerful magic, winning Smurfette over to the good side in the process. As Smurfette tries to find her place amongst the Smurf community, something is amiss, which sets her on a quest for self-discovery.

On one such ‘Smurfing’ trip, Smurfette and her friends come across a rogue Smurf whom they follow deep into the Forbidden Forest as they find a map that leads to the secret location of another Smurf Village. Once the evil wizard Gargamel learns of their intentions, he attempts to claim the lost village with the help of his cat, Azarel, and bird, Monty, in an effort to steal the Smurfs’ power for himself.

Kelly Ashbury, whose directing chops have been on full display in films like “Shrek 2” and “Gnomeo & Juliet,” brings her trademark flair to the Smurfs, creating a world of vivid hues that evokes awe and wonder. The dazzling visuals transport the audience to a faraway land full of magic and adventure. At the same time, the compelling story arc scripted by Stacey Harman and Pamela Ribon drives the narrative forward at a steady pace.

Smurfette, the only female in the Smurf village, takes the lead role in the film, giving a fresh spin to the traditional tale of the hero embarking on a perilous journey and furthering the film’s message of women’s empowerment.

The Smurfs’ Colourful Characters

The Lost Village is brought to life with the help of a stellar cast consisting of famous actors and actresses who have lent their voices to the project. From Danny Pudi as Brainy, Jack McBrayer as Clumsy, and Joe Manganiello as Hefty to guest appearances by celebrities like Julia Roberts as Willow and Gordon Ramsay as Baker Smurf, the film aces the voiceover game. The fact that Hell’s Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay lends his voice to Baker Smurf sparked a lot of excitement on social media, with fans praising the chef for bringing his signature brand of sarcastic and quick-witted humour to the animated film. The international chef and restaurateur has established his presence in popular culture via his reality TV show and social media platforms. His rise to fame has been accompanied by a chain of successful restaurants across the globe, high merchandise sales, and the release of several Hell’s Kitchen-themed games, including the Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen casino slot by NetEnt, which has consistently ranked as one of the best on the list of online casinos in the UK. While Smurfette tries to find her place in the Smurf village by attempting a variety of activities, including baking, Baker Smurf engages in witty banter with Papa Smurf, peppering the movie with numerous comedic high points.

The Lost Village narrates an endearing tale of self-discovery and the value of friendship, leaving the audience enchanted. As the main character makes peace with the good and bad sides of herself throughout the course of the story, the film does a great job highlighting the importance of bravery in the face of adversity.

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