Everything You Need To Know About Murder Mystery Games

Murder mystery games are a great and interactive way to entertain yourself and your friends. The games are fun and social and very effective in keeping everyone engaged and free from the jaws of boredom. Playing a mystery murder game should be on your bucket list, especially if you and your friends enjoy solving clues. Here is everything you need to know about murder mystery games.

What Are Murder Mystery Games?

Murder mystery games require the players to solve a particular mystery, such as a murder or any other similar crime, within a set timeframe. The game is often played as a group activity and is highly popular as a party game; and is a great team-building activity due to its highly interactive nature. Its highly social nature sets the game apart from other party games and allows the players to take up different personalities or play as themselves.

Number of Players

Murder mystery games are best suited for groups of between 4 to 20 players but can be expanded to include even up to 125 players simultaneously, depending on the chosen script. The games include several characters, and the game can be played by any combination of characters as the “killer” is assigned randomly.

Plenty of clues are offered throughout the gameplay, and players can question each other to discover the identity of the murderer. It is fun to convince other players you are not the murderer to hide your identity and avoid being discovered early on in the game.


A typical murder mystery game lasts for about 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the number of players and the game’s variation. The team-building version will often require more time to complete as the different teams have projects to complete in addition to solving the murder mystery. Finding a version that will fit into your time schedule and still be entertaining for all the players is crucial. Consider the players’ views to find the right variation that suits everyone.

Murder Mystery Game Variations

While the general objective of the game is the same throughout the different available variations, some game variations may be best suited for different types of parties, locations and participants. Some of the most popular murder mystery variations include:

● Interactive murder mystery games – In this game variation, the participants are provided with all the details about their various characters before the game kicks off. However, the game features less reliance on the plot, with several secrets and objectives included in the gameplay.

● Online interactive mystery games – Videos are heavily used in this variation to provide a solid set-up for the plot. It is a highly popular game variation often played by single players online.

● Scripted murder mystery games have a scripted storyline that lays the foundation for the game. Information affecting the storyline is revealed further as the game unfolds. Participants are provided with scripts to refer to while playing and involve staged questions.

Murder mystery games have become highly popular due to their exciting and social nature. Although the game’s main aim is to discover the murderer, the game features several fun turns that can occur during the game.

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