‘Chapter Street’ – Alex Brenchley’s Latest Album

A year of treatment to treat a stage 3 diagnosis of bowel cancer hasn’t stopped Alex Brenchley from creating a wonderful album of alternative acoustic folk tracks. Taking inspiration from The Durutti Column, The Go-Betweens and Ivor Cutler, Brenchley creates perfectly composed little pieces of art.

Tracks include ‘Carnival’, a sideways look at contemporary life, ‘Speaker’s Corner’, an ode to not being over-burdened by the past, and ‘This Ruinous Life’, a straight-up folk song with a double meaning about London’s love-hate relationship with its inhabitants, and imagined fear of retirement.

Alex Brenchley’s newest album is being released on Friday 20th May, and it’s well worth a listen if you fancy a playlist that makes you want to boogie around your kitchen on a rainy Sunday afternoon – well, it works for any afternoon. Brenchley’s artistry is not something to miss out on.

Make sure to tune into the latest release on 20th of May!

Alex Brenchley is an artist and musician based in London. His work creates open-ended parcels of silliness, sincerity and non-sequiturs, made from the fusion of low-fi comedy and spoken word. Brenchley also works as a cartoonist for New Statesman magazine and was awarded The CirKT prize for emerging musical talent.

Check out Brenchley’s website!

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