Tom Rosenthal at Lafayette London – A Live Music Review

Tom Rosenthal is certainly the latest blooming flower in the indie-pop musical garden, with ‘quirky’ songs being his expertise and audience engagement the theme of all of his shows. He performed two London dates this month, on the 7th and 8th of February. Lafayette was the venue of choice with a relatively small, atmospheric stage bringing an intimate feel to the room. 

Tom Rosenthal

The opening act was none other than Alex Brenchley, an expert in electro-acoustic folk music and renowned cartoonist. His upbeat musical pieces had every member of the audience bobbing their heads and, with the addition of impeccably-timed comedic jokes, it made for a very pleasant introduction to the evening! 

Alex Brenchley performing his latest piece.

Tom Rosenthal’s choice of songs was perfectly apt for the evening with a combination of high tempo tunes and the more classic, instrumental pieces that struck emotion into each person in the audience. Accompanying him was Maddie Ashman (cello, keyboard, and voice) and Ash (guitar and voice). Both brought a certain homely feel to the experience and brought added choral harmonies to the slower pieces of music performed.

Maddie Ashman and Ash holding Tom Rosenthal’s latest, hand-crafted stage props.

With more personal touches like the performance of a song for a now-passed, much-loved friend and the encouraged group ‘booping’ to the beat, this show was a wonderful way to spend an evening. Every moment felt more overwhelmingly beautiful than the last – the ending of the show was a bitter shock back into reality! 

For anyone considering going to a live music event where the crowd has a close-knit, friendly feel and where the music has you smiling without knowing the lyrics, I would highly recommend Tom Rosenthal. Each and every aspect contributed to how soothing, warming, and lively the event was and it is definitely something you should make sure you do if the opportunity arises. At the very least, check out Rosenthal’s music on Spotify and boogie to it in your living room.

For more information about Tom Rosenthal’s shows: http://tomrosenthal.co.uk/shows/

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  1. Love Tom Rosenthal! Enjoyed checking out Alex Brenchley & Maddie Ashman, great talents, thanks for posting review👍

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