Close-Up Catch-Up: An Interview With Stephanie Andujar

To celebrate five years of Close-Up Culture, we are welcoming our favourite interviewees back onto the site to see what they’ve been up to.

Actress and all-round amazing creative talent Stephanie Andujar returns to talk about her many exciting pursuits.

Welcome back to Close-Up Culture. We last spoke in October of 2017. What have you been up to in that time?

Wow, since 2017! Sheesh kibobs! A lot has happened! 

In 2018, I appeared in the CBS crime drama Blue Bloods as a “villainous beauty” named Molly Chavez. So much fun to play because she was a bomb expert and could run really fast. I still have fans who want me to reprise my role as Molly but we’ll have to see what the writers decide. Either way, I’d be all in.

I completed season five of my comedy web series, “StephA: One Woman Show.” It was such a fun and chaotic time to play 10+ characters. I make it look so easy, but it really was a lot work. I’d be playing characters, directing a scene and setting up for it as well. After that, editing each episode was next. I love it all, but after five years I said I’m going to let this get around, share clips on social media, and shift to music for a bit! 

@AndujarProductions by Hector Andujar Jr.

I’ve also released a few singles too! Especially during the pandemic I decided to focus on making songs. My brother helps me produce the songs as well. There’s “One Big Dream” where I dance too, and is reflective of how I felt during the pandemic. It has a bit of a bop to it. “Be The One For Me” – I just released this past August and it’s a trap soul type song and romantic. We shot the music video here in my home town too, on 42nd St. 

I’ve also been dabbling in animation and have a “Stick Figure Bae.” I decided I needed a male counterpart and figured why not just create the man I need right now. It’s a lot of fun to do though. 

So, Andujar Productions, my production company has been in full swing. From editing to photography, we’re only getting better and better. I’m also still sewing and just recently created a replica Catwoman costume for Halloween. As long as I can thread a needle, I’ll keep creating looks for the next five years. 

What are your hopes and ambitions for the next five years?

The past four years have been amazing but trying. I’d be lying if I said it’s been easy – it’s been far from it. It becomes easy when you learn the lessons and overcome your greatest obstacles. I’m so proud of everything I’ve been able to create with my fans, family and production company. Being a performer means being disciplined, consistent and supportive. I’ve come to love who I am and the woman I’m becoming. For the next five years I hope to still be performing, singing, dancing, acting, producing… more of the same but a little bigger and better, baby!

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Photos by Hector Andujar Jr.

@AndujarProductions by Hector Andujar Jr.

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