The Missfits – Short Film Review

An all-girls robotics team competes to smash stereotypes and prove themselves in a male-dominated field, while also trying to get through high school.

This short documentary felt so fun and motivating. Directed and produced by Ellie Wen, she gives us the greatest glimpse into the lives of an all-girls robotics team called The Missfits, who have 5 weeks to create a robot and win a competition.Everything about this documentary felt so natural, from the way the team composed themselves to the camera angles used in the classroom and arena. Nothing was hidden away, yet it felt perfectly composed, really highlighting how women being part of that industry is a triumph and something to be incredibly proud of. We saw hard work, but everything was clean and delicate, proving how wonderful and put together The Missfits are.

I loved how this short was sandwiched by shots of some of the girls from the team visiting a class of young girls and teaching them about robots. It was beautiful, seeing these young girls feel inspired and given the space to learn and create without expectations and boundaries. We see them go from wild ideas, so one girl saying that even though she is in first grade that she has done some coding. A member of The Missfits is amazed, saying how she didn’t know about coding at that age. By doing this, the story felt wonderfully told, looping full circle to show how great these girls are and how girls will continue to learn and do more in this field.

“We keep improving every year” one of the girls announces as their robot enters the ring. I’m excited to see what The Missfits achieve next as they continue to inspire and show how they belong to be in this male dominated space. Another says that there aren’t many female role models in this industry, so it’s amazing to think that one day, they will be the women looked up to. This documentary beautifully tells their story, motivating me to learn more about it.

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