Who Am I: Students After College

This is your chance to learn what you need to know about yourself. What direction are you pursuing? Are you overlooking something that could be important for your industry? Did dismissing college not stop where you expected it to, and now you’re regretting it? What’s next for the millennial generation after graduation, or even before it? Unfortunately, we can’t answer any of those questions, but we can help with this blog post by giving some tips on assessing your career.

Graduation from college is one of the most exciting moments in any persons’ life; you are now free to make an infinite number of life choices. While some see this as an opportunity to venture into their respective careers, some see it as a chance to take gap years, or intern, while others want to volunteer to their communities. That raises the question of what should a college student do and not do after college?

The period after completing college to when you get a job is a hectic one. You should get out of your comfort zone to survive in the job market. Unfortunately, without a laid down strategy, this process overwhelms many graduates, and they end up giving up. That is why we have made this article, to provide a plan that you can take after college to make your life better.

Why Change is good

Change helps you go beyond what you thought was your limit. It also enables you to come to terms with different perspectives in the world. Hence changing from a college student to a graduate opens doors to many possibilities, and we are going to discuss just but a few of them.

Here is a list of what to do after college:

Studying Abroad

Studying abroad after college can change your entire college experience. 

The advantage of studying abroad include:

  • Experiencing a new culture
  • New fiends
  • Being independent
  • Learning new languages
  • The joy of returning home

You can apply for a scholarship offered by organizations to study abroad. The best thing about a scholarship to study overseas is that everything is free, from a place to stay to food. However, you should present an essay that expresses your reason for the desire to study abroad. The essay has to bring out a side of you that will impress the organization into giving you a scholarship. You can get essay examples on getting education abroad online. The free papers have the structure and will provide you with an idea for writing your essay. The essay writing companies can also write your essay for you.

Job Finding

Starting to build your career immediately after college is not a bad idea. However, you need to get ready to hassle before getting an excellent job for this to work. Remember that you do not have any experience working in the field or otherwise, so you should prove to your employers that you are an excellent option.

Going back to College

Postgraduate study after college is a fantastic way to improve your knowledge of the course that you took. It also makes you stand out when the time to look for a job comes.

Searching on the campus before you apply can help you identify the courses the campus offers to ensure that yours is available.


Becoming an intern boosts your odds of getting a job in a competitive industry. Even though the salary is less than a full-time position, the experience and connection gained as an intern are enough to set you up for your entire career. You also get fantastic recommendations which can help you get an excellent job in the future. To score internships in good organizations, apply immediately after graduation.

Take a gap Year

A gap year is a time spent after college for exploration and travel. You can use this time to experience new cultures and build soft skills which can be helpful in your career advancement. You can also use a gap year to build connections with people worldwide. The issue with traveling is that you are responsible for all your expenses; you should be responsible.

Why you should learn English before going to Study Abroad

Most of the colleges abroad have people from different countries, hence different languages. But English unites you all, plus it is the formal language used in most organizations; therefore, you will use it a lot in your life after college.

Postgraduate Depression

Life after graduation can be hectic for a lot of people. The pressure to get a new job or broaden their education by going back to college leads to some postgraduate students turning into addictive behaviors, which leads to depressions.

Symptoms of Postgraduate Depression:

  • Sadness
  • Loneliness
  • Sense of disorganization
  • Decrease motivation
  • Sense of hopelessness

How to Prevent Postgraduate Depression:

  • Explore the things to do defined in this article
  • Develop a plan and a network/support system to use as a resource
  • Plan for housing accommodation
  • Plan on how to cope with the after college stress before graduation


Life after graduation is a time that you get to utilize all that you have learned on campus. It is during this period that you come into terms with the real world. You can hence choose what to become and where you want to belong.


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