The Hunger Games Movie And Book: How To Determine Whether To Read A Book Or Watch A Movie First

Often movie adaptions of books lack the depth and character detail that make the text so gripping. But there also exist adaptations that go beyond the text in narrating a story. Hunger Games is a popular series that had its own movie adaption as well. If you’re wondering whether you should first read the novel series or watch the movies, here are a few ways you can make that decision. 

Similar stories yet different in delivery 

The movie and the book are hardly the same. Novels can go beyond 400 pages while movies are often pushed to stay well under 3 hours. This puts a lot of pressure on directors to make a film that embodies the idea of the book without exceeding the time limit. Directors also like to put their own twist on stories and characters, causing a greater divide between the movies and the books. 

It’s the same case with The Hunger Games. The books and the movies stand as separate entities, each sacrificing one element of the narrative for another. For example, the movies go into greater depth with character development, while the books only give us the perspective of Katniss

Visuals and Imagination

The Hunger Games series require the reader to imagine complex environments and detailed characters. If you’re someone who struggles to imagine such visuals and enjoy when it’s all delivered in a visual format, you might enjoy watching the film more than reading the series. If you enjoy the element of imagining characters and events, you’re more likely to enjoy the book. 

A common disadvantage of watching a film after reading the book is that the characters or the design may not stand up to what you would’ve otherwise imagined. If you’re ready to put existing ideas aside and experience these two forms separately, you can choose either of the two as your first option. 


Characters from books are often made to conform to more popular forms, which seems to be the case with The Hunger Games as well. For example, the antagonists are made to be less cruel but colder, Haymitch has a more likable character than in the book and this method is followed while building other characters in the film. 

If you wish to first look at original and unaltered characters, you’d prefer to read the book first. If you’re a student and are planning on writing an essay on The Hunger Games, you can download hunger games essay examples from Samplius. These samples will be of great help in finding your essay’s main idea and writing it in the best way possible. 

The perspective of the narrative

The perspective is very different between the movies and the books. In the book, the reader is made to experience the story from Katniss’ point of view. When Katniss learns about something, that’s when the reader learns about it as well. In the movie, the audience gets a bird’s-eye view of all that happening. 

Yes, the movie still has Katniss as the center, but the audience learns about events before Katniss does and is made to look forward to her reaction when she learns about what has happened. Depending on what kind of approach you wish to take, you can choose between the book or the movie. 

The element of sound

Sound plays a big role in the impact of films and is what lacks in books. Often writers make readers imagine tunes and popular songs while reading the books. If you’re someone who wants to experience the aural addition in a narrative, you’d prefer to watch the movie first. 

The soundtrack is really good and builds as the film progresses. But for those who wish to experience the story through their imagination first and then experience the film along with its sound, you’d prefer reading the book first. 

But remember that it’s important to let go of previously build ideas derived from the book before you watch the film to enjoy it as a standalone piece of art. 


These 5 aspects are what differentiate the two forms through which one can experience the story of The Hunger Games. It really boils down to which forms you prefer more as some people prefer watching films while others believe that books encompass greater depth and story. It is safe to say that The Hunger Games movie series is just as enjoyable, thanks to its unique take on the story. It doesn’t feel redundant or a mere visual replication of the series, but a true work of art in itself.

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