6 Interesting Historical Films That Will Inspire You To Write A Research Thesis

You have already been given countless pieces of advice on how you should prepare before you start to write and probably the places to look for information. 

The missing gap in all the advice you get is how to prepare yourself mentally by relaxing on your seat as you watch an inspiring movie or listen to soothing music. The film industry is full of historical films that can help you mentally prepare with fresh ideas to research. Let us look at some of the interesting films. 

Midnight in the Paris

Midnight in the Paris is about a man who goes on a trip to Paris in the company of the family of his fiancée. Mystically at each midnight, he goes back to the period 1920s. His discoveries in the 1920s take him closer to the history of the city but far from his fiancée.

Gil Pender loves writing inspiring novels and he believes that Paris’ golden age was in the period of 1920s. When in the 1920s, Gil meets with some of the best writers he had desired to meet with. He also meets with great musicians and artists and from then on, he lives his writing dream. 

Students can learn many lessons when they watch a historical movie. Some movies are educative and can inspire university students to study, research, and write unique literature. It is a wise decision for a student to seek thesis assistance from Uk.EduBirdie because they have assisted thousands of university students with various assignments. It is one of the many ways to learn because university students learn in diverse ways until they achieve their goals. 

Apocalypse Now 

Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford got its inspiration from a novel written by Joseph Conrad. The book Heart of Darkness is about a European who went to Congo and made himself a god among the people. Another man goes out with a boat to look for him and while in the jungle, he realizes the struggle in the circle of life where each creature tries to survive and avoid being eaten by another. 

The movie can inspire with ideas by looking at the circle of life and how each creature is struggling to survive. The circle of life among people is not different, with some ruling upon others while others become subjects. 

Moonrise Kingdom 

Set in 1965, Moonrise Kingdom (2012) focuses on Sam and Suzy, the twelve-year-olds who are deeply involved in exploring imagination. The runaway Sam is fighting to keep his friendship with Suzy and the relationship eventually becomes romantic. 

The story teaches about the importance of following your dreams until they become a reality. Thesis writing focuses on following your dream until you make it a reality. 

Scott Pilgrim versus The World 

Scott Pilgrim is dating a five years younger high school girl called Chau. Scott was recently dumped by his former girlfriend and is yet to recover emotionally. In his love circles, he again falls for Ramona and now has trouble dealing with two girls. Ramona has seven ex-lovers whom Scott has to assassinate to win her.  

One thing to remember when writing your thesis is that there is more than one way to create your storylines and to explain things. Scott discovered different ways to sort out his issues and he overcame them. 


John Laroche is an Orchid hunter and as he attempts to adapt to the orchid thief, his desperation overwhelms him. Because of his love for horticulture and orchids, he inspired Susan Orlean and for the first time, she discovered passion and beauty. 

Thesis writing must be inspired by the passion for discovering hidden information through research. It gives the writer beauty after completing to piece together quality manuscript due to focus and passion for writing. 

Citizen Kane 

Some reporters are investigating a storyline about the final words that were spoken by Charles Foster, a millionaire who owned a newspaper company. They want to narrate how he rose to fame and contributed much to society.

Dissertation writing involves the investigation of concepts, personalities, policies, and projects. After gathering all the information, the writer can then make a detailed analysis and report on recommendations. 


Movies are seen as a significant form of art, a significant medium of recreation, and a potent tool for educating and influencing students. Movies have a worldwide capability for communication due to their visual foundation. Its influence can help inspire students with ideas during dissertation writing by first helping refresh their minds and giving inspiration through the characters. Nevertheless, the student should be selective in their choice of movies for writing inspiration.

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