35 Best Jamie T Lyrics

Close-Up Culture list our 35 favourite Jamie T lyrics.

35. She says, “In a rut, what the fuck I s’pose to do?”
“Suck it up, start, stop, keep running through”
True, but you try, ain’t easy to do – Sheila

34. So we’re here now, we will be gone soon
But not today, not tomorrow, not in the next tune – Calm Down Dearest

33. When I fall, no one catch me
Alone lonely, I’ll overdose slowly – Sheila

32. So Jay, don’t you ever let us down, don’t you ever
I’ll have to shoot you and no one will hear a sound – Emily’s Heart

31. Cause I’m a sad, sad post teen
Caught up in the love machine
No dream, come clean
Walking like a zombie – Zombie

30. Stone, glass, concrete and gravel
All we’ve got to keep us together – Man’s Machine

29. And rushed back to your momma’s flat
It’s the only place but home I feel relaxed enough to crap
I know it sounds crude, but there’s something in that – Sticks ‘n’ Stones

28. Hey ho, let’s go dancing with the average Joes
Who talk with their fists and argue with their friends
Always take the piss but they’re loyal in the end – So Lonely Was The Ballad

27. Some say kids don’t study they cram
God damn, hate that I am what I am
With slurs and urs and a half done gram – Ike & Tina

26. So who the fuck are we? Just the boys in the city – Calm Down Dearest

25. So roll, roll down, rob a railroad train
Look like Robert Ford did Jessie James – Love Is Only A Heartbeat Away

24. I ain’t no abacus but you can count on me – Operation

23. What am I in my own dear eyes?
I say it so much. What am I? What am I? What am I? What am I?
Makes no sense no more – Alicia Quays

22. Drunk and being sick, I feel like shit
I gotta quit, I hope I haven’t missed the last train
Gonna be stuck in Hampton Wick – Sticks ‘n’ Stones

21. Making in jokes about Americana
Amusing myself is worth it for the karma
Obama sounds like Osama to me – Spider’s Web

20. You’re leaving alone but you came together,
Who made the sun turn stormy weather? – Chaka Demus

19. She drowned drunk sorrows
That she stole, bought, borrowed – Sheila

18. And I don’t get no fights, when I get angry drunk
I sit down in the corner and I sulk my fucking socks off – Calm Down Dearest

17. Body bags come back off planes from war torn Iraq
It’s the stark naked truth, a dark aftermath – Pacemaker

16. A lot of people around here lost the white in their eyes.
I see the lust inside your heart, so why don’t you go and touch the sky? – Chaka Demus

15. If you got the money,
I think it would be funny
To take your girl, and spend a bit of your cash for me
‘Cause then she might be happy, and no longer lonely
And I could take her out the next day for pretty much free – If You Got The Money

14. Two world wars and one world cup,
Screamed by the desperate divided crutch
Used to have an empire then we grew up
Lost everything — who gives a fuck? – Chaka Demus

13. Screams calling London
None of us heard her coming
I guess the carpet weren’t rolled – Sheila

12. Gave money to the man, he put a bag in my hand
Said, “Son, don’t you understand
This isn’t the way out this is the way in
You’re doubling your trouble in” – 368

11. I was a ten a day, how’d you say, little shit
White lightning, heightening all my courage, quick wit – Stick ‘n’ Stones

10. Drunk already, maybe drink got spiked
But more like the other like that I’m just a lightweight – Calm Down Dearest

9. I spend late nights trying to pick up love
Off the floor, where the other brothers leave it be
Though it’s stuck down hard it’s like chewing gum – If You Got The Money

8. And I know I wasn’t around half as much as I could’ve
And I never let you say half as much as you would’ve – Love Is Only A Heartbeat Away

7. We be near heaven at a quarter to eleven
By three we are thinking of the love we lost
By four we be high – If You Got The Money

6. Money in a jukebox, rots all night
Same shit bands, too much hype,
Everyone knows, everyone sees fights, everyone drinks in the corner, right – Chaka Demus

5. Bruised and bloody, I’m lying on the ground
And I am aware that I let the poor girl down
Now I’m dying as a message to the town
This what happens if you fuck around – Emily’s Heart

4. Don’t you find, some of the time
There is always someone on your mind
That shouldn’t be at all
In any place or any kind – Don’t You Find

3. Wondering why you can’t eat?
Why you never sleep?
Drunk all the time?
Cold in the heat?
What you sow man is what you reap – If You Got The Money

2. It’s heavy, it’s on my mind
You say you feel just fine
Racking and stacking your lines
I said, calm down dearest – Calm Down Dearest

1. Sheila goes out with her mate Stella
It gets poured all over her fella – Sheila

Side note: this article is dedicated to the random woman who knew all the Jamie T lyrics on a Friday night out in Norwich, way back in 2016.

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