The Most Iconic Gambling Movie Characters Of All Time

No one likes Mr. or Mrs. Perfect, not even in movies. We seem to always fall in love with flawed characters we can relate to, so screenwriters usually try to give the protagonist some kind of weakness. Some of them smoke, some have a drinking problem, some have commitment issues, but sometimes they are avid gamblers. This last vice is known to give characters a dash of danger, turn regular guys into attractive bad boys, and give female characters a rebellious side. So many protagonists who love casino games have graced Hollywood’s silver screens, but only a few of them have casinos on speed dial. Here are the most iconic gambling movie characters of all time.

Axel Feed (The Gambler)

Since the movie is literally called The Gambler, we knew exactly what to expect. The main character Axel Feed played by James Caan who later starred in the TV series Las Vegas (talking about coincidence) is a literature professor. He is passionate about Dostoevsky, but gambling as well. However, he loses constantly and even ends up extorting money from his own mother. The same story was also told in the movie The Gambler from 2014, except that that time, the main character was called Jim Bennett and was played by Mark Wahlberg. 

Micky Rosa (21)

If you love blackjack and you are always on Casino-Bros looking for legit online casinos that offer this game, 21 is the movie you need to watch. Micky Rosa is played by Kevin Spacey, and he is the mastermind behind the (in)famous MIT blackjack team. He was so good at counting cards, that he was banned from every casino in Las Vegas. If this sounds vaguely familiar, it is because the movie was based on a true story! One more reason to check out this motion picture. 

James Bond

This list wouldn’t be complete without the most famous gambler from the silver screen Bond, James Bond. The 007 is the king of cool, a smooth gambler, and master of the bluff. He managed to defeat the bad guys while raking some cash along the way and drinking his martini, shaken of course, not stirred.  

Biff Tannen (Back To The Future)

Who here hasn’t heard about the Grays Sports Almanac? In Back To The Future Marty McFly’s epic mistake caused Biff to get his hands on the famous Almanac and learn the results of half a century of sporting events. Although Biff was able to earn a fortune with gambling (but is it really gambling if you know the final outcome?), it seems that he didn’t love the game. He was just in it for the money, and we cannot say we blame him.

Raymond Babbitt (Rain Man)

Probably the most legendary movie on this list. In Rain Man, Dustin Hoffman plays Raymond Babbitt, a guy who doesn’t really love gambling but loves something that helps him kill it in blackjack, counting cards. With the help of his brother Charlie he manages to make quite a profit at the casino. Of course, the story is much more complex than that. 

Eddie Felson (The Hustler)

The character of Eddie was based on Eddie Parker, the real-life hustler who was the inspiration for the whole movie. He is arrogant, and he thinks he is invincible and we shouldn’t really like him. But, we do. He is such an adorable rogue, it is very hard to hate him. 

Of course, these are not the only characters famous for their gambling habits. Do you have any favorite characters to add to the list?

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