Top Films Featuring Gambling

Films about gambling always make us feel interested and excited. Fascinating scenes with an unexpected outcome, worries about the fate of the main characters, and their victory in games are the key moments for keeping the intrigue and viewer’s interest. If you want to learn more about online casino, try video slots here – ビデオスロッツ. We have collected high-quality and intriguing films, which can interest you. No matter who you are: an experienced gambler or not, these films will be a must for everyone to watch. Today’s article is going to be useful for many film lovers. 


The serial with 9 seasons and a marvelous atmosphere tells us about two lawyers – Mike Ross and Harvey Specter. Harvey has been finding the assistant for years and met Mike who didn’t graduate from college, although he dreamed of becoming a lawyer. They become the most successful lawyers in Manhattan. Impressive turns of events, such as the return of a 30 million company, will surprise you. It is an ideal serial for watching in the evening.

Mollys Game

“Molly’s Game” – is one of the most popular films about gambling. The plot is based on real events. Molly Bloom was a level-pro skier and wanted to go to the Olympics, if not for her injury. This made her move to Los Angeles and start working. One day, her friend, Dean Keith (Darin Feinstein in real life) invited Molly to a casino evening, where many celebrities came. Molly brought the music to the casino night. Looking around, she realized that this was her chance to become rich. Throughout the film, Molly enters into the high-stakes games. The producer of the film, Aaron Sorkin, consulted with Molly in many ways, so the plot is as believable as possible.

Casino Royale

This is the twenty-first film about James Bond, which tells about the duel of the hero with the genius of the underworld Le Chiffre. Agent 007 must win the poker tournament to stop the terrorists. In Montenegro, a poker tournament starts, which is arranged by La Chiffre. James Bond decides to take part in it and fight in a card duel with his main enemy. However, access to the establishment is very expensive, and a new partner is given for Bond, a confidant of the Vesper Treasury. By the way, you should pay attention to if you are interested in the world of gambling. A large number of games with a marvelous interface will impress you, whether you are an experienced player or not. 

The Hangover

The plot of the comedy “The Hangover” introduces crazy friends who decided to celebrate a bachelor party in Vegas before their wedding. Due to the fault of one of his friends – Alan, trouble happens: the groom disappears, and instead of him lies a child in diapers. Alan decides to take matters into his own hands, dress in a suit, and reads the rules of the BlackJack game. During the evening, he earned 80 thousand, which allowed him to return the groom. 


The heroes of the movie Mike and the Worm are close friends. The first of them had an extraordinary mind and luck. Mark recently lost a large sum in a casino, so he decided to end his favorite deal, while Worm just recently got out of prison and has already been put in difficult conditions by his former sidekicks – to repay a debt, which is 15,000 dollars, within five days. Even decent work will not help them get a large amount of money in a short time. Friends unite and go to the underground casino of the city.


Films about gambling allow us to forget about routine and get interested in high-stakes games where there is a risk of losing everything. A pleasant game atmosphere creates a feeling that you are in the place of a hero. We hope we have found the best films for watching with your friends. Be sure, the plot of the movies above will make you watch in one breath. 


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