Linda Anborg Talks ‘My Perfect Family’ And Reflects On A Tough Year

Actress Linda Anborg returns to Close-up Culture to catch us up on her recent projects and open up on a tough year.

Q: I hear you recently got back from Barcelona. How did you enjoy your time in that wonderful city?

A: This was my third visit to Barcelona in six months. I love Barca, it is one of my favourite cities.

The last stay was surely the best so far. I lived near Barceloneta Beach, which they built for the Olympics in 1992, some historical fact I learnt during my last stay [smiles]. The mix of city life and beach life suits me perfectly, and some sangria, Ed Sheeran on the speakers, and tapas on top of that – what else could a girl ask for?

Q: Is there a dream country or location you’d love to shoot a TV show or film?

A: My dream country to shoot a film or TV show would have to be in the United States of America, or for an American production. Though I know that most Hollywood productions are filmed in low cost countries – Eastern European nations, Morocco, etc. – so really would not care much where, as long it is for a good production.

I went travelling around Morocco two years ago and went to some cool places where films such as Gladiator, Prince of Persia, Mission Impossible and Game of Thrones had been filmed. I really like Morocco, could easily go back there, and would not say no filming there either. 

Q: Since we last spoke, you played Stina on season three of the comedy TV show ‘My Perfect Family’. How did you find the experience of being on the show and playing Stina?

A: “Stina” is an ex-girlfriend to one of the lead characters in My Perfect Family. She suddenly makes a change in her career and – after being a masseuse – becomes a craftsman, which is pretty much not me in real life [smiles], but it was great fun to take her on.

My Perfect Family is a comedy series, so of course some mistakes were made, and some situations were absolutely twisted, just as a comedy is supposed to be. I guess when it comes to comedy, you cannot be afraid to laugh at your own expense [smiles].

Q: If you could star on any TV show which would you choose and why?

A: That is a difficult question. There are so many good TV shows. I do love Friends but that show is cancelled.

A little embarrassed to say, but I just started watching Game of Thrones. I am just eight seasons behind everyone else [smiles]. Do not ask me how I managed to miss the entire eight seasons, I mean what planet was I living on [smiles]?

That is one fascinating TV series – I love the story, love the scenery, love the costumes and I love the characters. From that perspective, I would have to say Game of Thrones, and what a dream it would be to play an “Evil Queen”. An Evil Queen is way more fun than a Good Queen [smiles], or any other strong fictional character.

Photo by Sean Lewthwaite

Q: You also played the ex-wife in Alexandre Ottoveggio’s ‘Another Day On Earth’. What was it like working with Alexandre and taking on this dramatic role?

A: I had a great time working with Alexandre, he is such a nice guy and it was also fun to hear about his past working as a stuntman in Hollywood.

This was an English speaking movie and role, so that made it more fun. The ex-wife “Lola” carries so much anger towards her ex-husband, so there were a lot of emotions going on during all the scenes, a lot of screaming, a lot of anger and a lot of drama. That is probably why I love acting, you get to explore so many different sides of a “person” depending which character you take on.

Q: We are closing in on the end of 2019. How do you reflect on this decade and your growth over that time?

A: I cannot believe it will soon be 2020. I remember when we switched over to the year of 2000 and everyone thought all the systems in the world would collapse [smiles], feels like yesterday.

Well, to be very personal, 2019 has been a tough year for me. I almost lost my baby sister due to a difficult illness, but you could also say that 2019 has brought me another way to look at life. I think I appreciate things more than I used to, and really try to take chances and do more with my life.

After everything my sister has been through she has such a positive way to look at life. I admire her for that. I haven’t had the time or the energy the last couple of months, so had to turn down some roles this year, but right now I am only looking forward. I am more than willing to take on some new projects [smiles]. 

Q: What will be your standout memory of the decade?

A: Except the fact that my sister is better and besides all the traveling this year, looking from a working perspective as an actor, the most standout memory was to be in the TV show My Perfect Family.

Comedy is so much fun, but I would really want to go a little “darker” next year [smiles], so I am hoping to do a drama or a thriller for the next project.

Q: What are your hopes and plans for 2020?

A: My hopes and plans for 2020 are to get some interesting roles for TV or film, hopefully abroad. I have thought a lot about moving to Irvine in California next year. I have the opportunity to live and work there, and that will get me closer to Los Angeles and Hollywood [smiles].

I have not decided yet, but life is about taking chances, so if nothing else stops me I will probably go next fall. As the quote says, “In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take”, I try now to live by that motto [smiles].

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Title photo by Sean Lewthwaite

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