Katie Couch: My Heart Explodes When I Get To Perform On Stage

Dancer Katie Couch stops by on Close-up Culture to talk about her recent experience at Dancer Palooza, the joys of performing, being part of a DJ Snake music video, Taylor Swift, and more.

Q: I saw you recently performed at Dancer Palooza. Can you tell us about that experience? 

A: Dancer Palooza is so much fun. It’s a week of intense dancing with the teachers of your choice. I was also recently chosen as a Bloch Young Artist so I got to spend time with Dusty Button in the Bloch merchandise booth. 

Q: Do you enjoy practising dance routines or is the fun all in the final performance? 

A: I love rehearsal time because you can really dial in and focus on certain elements of the dance, but my heart actually explodes when I get to perform on stage.

Q: It has been a few years now since you appeared in the music video for DJ Snake’s ‘A Different Way’. The video now has over 138million hits on YouTube. How do you reflect on being a part of such a huge project? 

A: That project was special because it’s where I met Montana Tucker and it was the first music video that I did with my twin sister. Looking back, it seemed so fun and chill while we filmed and it only took a few minutes to do our part. I had absolutely no idea what a huge hit it would be!

Q: If you could dance in any artist’s music video, who would you pick?

A: I would pick Taylor Swift because I love everything that she stands for and I think she makes awesome videos!

Q: You are part of a remarkable young family. What is the dynamic like between the three of you sisters? 

A: We are all really, really close. We literally do everything together so we try to keep the dynamic very supportive. We’ve realized that we each get our own opportunities and we are always happy for each other when that happens.

Q: What is the most challenging dance project you’ve had to overcome so far? 

A: I danced and modeled at The Bevely Hilton for The Otis School of Fashion Design. It was a large, sold out gala and the challenge was going from model, runway walk to full-out dancer mode. It was honestly such a blast though. 

Q: Any upcoming projects or plans you’d like to tell us about? 

A: We were actually approached recently with a pretty cool project. I cannot release any details yet, but if it gets picked up, I’ll make sure you know about it!

Title image by Kristin Scott

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