Steal Your Heart: Erin Kirby On Her New Music Video

Erin Kirby has been stealing hearts and populating playlists with her latest single, Steal Your Heart. The Atlanta-based pop star stops by on Close-up Culture to chat about the song, making a music video, being on stage with Jessie J, and much more.

Q: The music video for ‘Steal Your Heart’ is out now. What was your initial reaction when you saw the completed video?

A: I was so excited to see my song to come to life. I think it relayed the story in the way that I wanted it to.

Q: How did you find the experience of putting this video together with director Anthony James? Any stories from the shoot? 

A: Anthony was very easy to work with. Dwayne Walker was very instrumental in the video concept and creation as well. The shoot was really laid back and easy. I do know there were feathers found for months after the shoot. 

Q: ‘Steal Your Heart’ already has almost 60K streams on Spotify. Have you had any notable or standout responses to the song so far?

A: Yes! I have had a lot of great responses from people saying they relate to the song. That is so awesome because that is my goal when writing songs

Q: Like most popular songs, ‘Steal Your Heart’ captures and articulates a feeling or moment that people can relate to. What is your song-writing process like? 

A: I usually write from stories and true life experiences. I also sometimes write to my guitar.  For this song in particular, we started with a guitar melody and I started writing on the spot. The producer then built around my words and melodies.

Q: You often put out impressive covers on Instagram. Do you get a different feeling from performing and releasing covers compared to making original music? 

A: Expressing your own feelings and emotions allows you to emote more. I have admiration for other writers/artists and their songs, but it is a different feeling than doing your own music.

Q: You’ve FaceTime’d and shared a stage with Jessie J. What did you take away from these interactions?

A: Jessie J is such a kind and incredible person. She has been so inspiring and continues to support me – not only in music but personally. She is just one of the most genuine people you can meet that has been given such a gift. 

Q: A few quick fire questions for you: What would be your dream venue to perform at?

A: Grammys!

Q: Name one performer – past or present – you’d love to share a stage with.

A: Sam Smith.

Q: What is your favourite music video of all-time?

A: Rock Bottom by Halee Steinfeld and DNCE.

Q: What is the best part of your job?

A: Creating music that people can relate to. 

Q: What is your biggest passion besides music?

A: Community service.

Q: What is next for you? Any ambitions to share with us?

A: I am working on releasing my next single in August. I have been finishing up my EP, and working on some things with my favourite charities as well.

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