Fiona Grey On The Classic Film Noir Inspiration Behind The ‘Saviour’ Music Video

Dirty pop vocalist Fiona Grey joins us on Close-up Culture to chat about the music video for her latest single, Saviour.

Q: The music video for ‘Saviour’ is out now. Where did the idea for this white and black cinematic ode come from?

A: The song has a very rich cinematic element to it, so I felt it needed a classic film noir feel. We were really inspired by black and white films of the 60s, Felini, and Helmut Newton.

Q: What were some of the films you had in mind when putting together the video? Any references we should look at for?

A: 8 ½ by Fellini was a huge reference, especially the masquerade scene in the film, eccentric characters being apart of the backdrop of the music video. We were thinking less of specific films but inspired by an assortment of 60’s Italian cinema, photographers like Helmut Newton, vintage Vegas, Burlesque and anything bold, lush and dreamy!

Q: What did director Sean Berger bring to the project and your vision?

A: Sean was a monumental part of the vision – him, Joshua Allen and I created the story. It was so refreshing to have a good amount of pre-production time. Allowed me to really give them back story about the relationship and the state of mind I was in when I wrote this song. One of the things Sean, brought to this project – which definitely drove us crazy during this 21-hour shoot – was the insanity to create a project this size with very little money. His tenacity and creative solutions really helped bring this project to life.

Q: There were a number of other talented and well-respected people involved, including choreographer Kevin Stea and Alexandra Mandelkorn. How exciting was it to work with this crew?

A: Very, very exciting. Kevin Stea is one of the most selfless and talented people I’ve truly ever met. Not only did he last the whole (insanely long) shoot, he continued to come up with iconic moves for me to do in scenes, tight choreography for the dancers and brought a keen eye to detail even as we watched the sunrise!

I also was so lucky to work with my friend Alexandra Mandelkorn who truly has the sharpest fashion eye. She created such power in my looks and really captured the modern Marie Antoinette inspiration and always knows how to find clothes that make you feel so comfortable and sexy in.

Q: There are wonderfully stylish sequencing and costuming in the video. What was your favourite part of the shoot?

A: It was an amazing part of the shoot but I definitely think my favourite was artists gathering and creating. That sounds so cliché but it was really such a fever dream passion project, we had over 30 people working on the video. We started at 2pm and left set at 10:30am. It was challenging but worth it.

Q: What do you hope people take away from the video and the song?

A: I hope they take away a little inspiration to not feel like they have to change themselves for their partner. Power struggles are normal, but we’re in an era where we don’t have to have gender identities that we don’t agree to be true to us.

Q: What is next for you? What should we be on the look out for?

A: I’m going on a West Coast tour this summer, releasing a new single and music video. Expect a lot of new music coming consistently this fall. I have an art and culture magazine Valley Doll Magazine, that has great events in the LA area!

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