Elli Moore Releases Her New Single ‘Somebody To Talk To’

Elli Moore is not letting up following the breakout success of her debut single Gateway. The LA-based singer today (7 June) released her new single Somebody To Talk To, another relatable and irresistibly effervescent pop track that will undoubtedly finds its way onto a host of summer playlists.

Speaking to Close-up Culture about the inspiration behind the song, Moore explained: ‘Writing Somebody To Talk To was super therapeutic; I felt very close to the subject at the time, when I was single. I felt the yearning for connection, and I wished that I had somebody that was just asking about my day and what I had for dinner, things like that. I’m a highly independent person so I wanted to convey in the verses that I’m able to do my daily life by myself, but at the end of the day it would be nice to have someone to bounce things off of, even if it’s just a friend.’

Moore continued: ‘There is a lyric in the pre that goes: “no I don’t need a hand to hold, I don’t need a love that’s all mine but sometimes”. I align with that lyric so heavily, because I like to believe I’m a girl who marches to the beat of her own drum, but sometimes I wish I had some guitar in there.’

Moore, who is also part of the all-female writing/production team Lyre, wants the song to act as a beacon for people experiencing similar feelings. She commented: ‘I hope people find comfort knowing that, even when they feel alone, they aren’t because so many people feel this way. We are all looking for connection and I hope people feel like they can talk to/reach out to me because I love people and hearing their stories. So, my dm’s are always open!’

You can listen to Somebody To Talk To on Spotify.61029395_117902749194353_818101120939563971_n

Title artwork by Alina Smith 

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