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A LOT OF water (and time) has passed under the bridge since Tiffany became something of a ‘teen’ sensation with her 1987 cover I Think We’re Alone Now.

Yet Tiffany Renee Darwish has worn remarkably well musically, resulting in a current album – Pieces Of Me – that demonstrates a mature and smoky edge. More indie rock and saloon bar than pop and some mighty good lyrics, based on a life well lived. Motherhood, ups and downs, loves lost and found and she is still only in her 40s (she was touring at age 15).

On December 11, Nashville based Tiffany strode into Crazy Coqs (Live At Zedel, Piccadilly Circus, London) to showpiece her 10th album. Two shows and on stage framed by two guitarists, Mark Alberici (co-writer and producer) and Oliver Alberici.

She did not disappoint, building an instant rapport with the audience and promising an evening of intimacy and entertainment. ‘We’re going to drink and dance,’ she said two songs in, before asking a member of the audience if he would kindly get her a whisky and two beers for the Albericis (he obliged). On occasion, she wandered through the audience like a female version of the Pied Piper (she has a lot of loyal fans that go back as far as the 1980s).


Although she book ended the concert with an upbeat version of Butterfly (taken from 2000 album Color of Silence) and her biggest hit I Think We’re Alone, the sandwich filling was primarily provided by tracks from her new album.

Highlights included Waste Of Time (based on relationships that did not work out for her), a powerful and emotive Starting Over (one of Tiffany’s personal favourites), Worlds Away (recorded at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth where Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody was recorded) and King Of Lies. And of course, the title of the new album, Pieces Of Me.

Before ending with I Think We’re Alone – a song that had the audience up off their feet – she sang a tender ballad Could’ve Been. Proof of Tiffany’s versatility.

Tiffany has a powerful and rich voice and was born to entertain. Although this was a pared back performance, it confirmed that Tiffany is here to stay. Back in the UK early next year if you fancy a good night out.

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