The Best Of Rachel McAdams

To mark the release of Sebastián Lelio’s drama Disobedience, Close-up Culture list off our ten favourite Rachel McAdams films.

10) The Lucky Ones (2008)


A heartfelt performance from McAdams is easily the best part of Neil Burger’s tale of three soldiers returning from combat.

9) Doctor Strange (2016)


McAdams enters the Marvel cinematic universe as Christine Palmer, Doctor Strange’s close friend and a connection to his pre-superhero life.

8) Red Eye (2005)


McAdams and Cillian Murphy bring the necessary intensity to lift Wes Craven’s airplane thriller off the ground.

7) The Notebook (2005)


Alongside Ryan Gosling, McAdams brings emotional weight to Nick Cassavetes’ hit romantic drama.

6) Game Night (2018)


McAdams finds effortlessly endearing chemistry with Jason Bateman to bring the laughs in this story of a game night gone seriously array.

5) Wedding Crashers (2005)


McAdams finds herself stuck between Bradley Cooper and Owen Wilson in David Dobkin’s beloved comedy.

4) A Most Wanted Man (2014)


Starring alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman in one of his final roles, McAdams shows off her German accent as an immigration lawyer in Anton Corbijn’s spy thriller.

3) Midnight In Paris (2011)


McAdams reunites with Wilson to portray a flawed relationship in this charming and sensitive 2011 film.

2) Mean Girls (2004)


An iconic role for McAdams as she plays Regina George, the rich and popular leader of The Plastics.

1) Spotlight (2015)


McAdams rightfully received an Oscar nomination for her hard-hitting portrayal of investigative journalist Sacha Pfeiffer in this absorbing and devastating true-life story.


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