Back To Bite: An Interview With Taylor Grey

TAYLOR Grey is back with a bite. A year after her successful debut album Space Case, the 21-year-old singer has returned with a fierce new vision for her music that peels back popstar personas to reveal her true, honest self.

Taylor stops by on Close-up Culture to tell us more about her new single Back To Bite and this fresh direction.

Q: Your latest single Back To Bite is out now. Can you tell us about the emotions behind this song?

A: This song is my feminist empowerment anthem. While writing it, I felt angry, feisty, empowered and badass. I wrote it so it covers a wide range of people that can relate to it. Someone can relate to the song from the perspective of being cheated on to the perspective of sexual assault and having your voice taken away. I just wanted to give myself my voice back, and other women their voice back.

Q: Back To Bite shows your style in evolving and maturing. Did you have nerves about moving in a new direction or did it feel natural and a weight off your shoulders?

A: THIS new direction includes a lot of vulnerability for me. My new songs show a lot about my deepest insecurities, so naturally it’s hard for me to think, “okay, it’s all going to be out there.” But then again, if it’s all out there, I don’t have any excuse to hide anymore. Which is an absolute weight off my shoulders.

Also, I just feel 10x more pride in this music because it is truly me. So even if people don’t vibe with it, I can feel pride in knowing I wrote these songs for myself and to let myself breathe.

Q: Last month, you had the chance to introduce this chapter in your career to a live audience at Hotel Cafe. How was that experience?

A: It truly felt amazing. The best feedback I got was, “that was you up there, really you.” And that means so much. I’ve been trying for so long to feel comfortable putting myself out there with no bells and whistles, and to have it accepted was so damn cool.

Q: You are taking classes in neuroscience at Stanford University neuroscience. How much of a role has that played in your developing style and sound?

A: I would be lying if I said it had a monumental effect. Where school plays more of a role in my music, is just the people I meet and the experiences I have as a college student. Stanford (and I’m sure most colleges, I can only speak to my experience though) is a microcosm of different people, some that open my eyes in good ways, and others not so great (laughs).

Q: Producer Josh Abraham helped you on the single. Can you tell us about your collaboration and why it works so well?

A: I have worked with Josh for over a year now and let me tell you, he is a legend. Like seriously a legend. When we were in the room listening to my archive of songs trying to pick a single, he told me he listens to Back to Bite on his own time. Which means a lot. So that’s how we knew it was the single.

Q: Having worked with artists like Spencer Kane in the past, can you pinpoint one or two artists out there that you would love to work with?

A: I would absolutely die to work with BeBe Rexha. I love what she stands for, I love her confidence. She’s just someone I look at and go, “yeah that’s a badass.”

Q: What do you hope is in the future for you?

A: WELL, I really hope people like the new music. I hope I pass all my classes this quarter. And I hope I’m able to perform again and again and continue growing a fan-base of really awesome people who relate and connect with me.

Photos by Nikko Lamere

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