Close-up: An Interview with Réka Tenki

AS a recipient of the European Shooting Stars Award at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, Réka Tenki is considered one of the finest actors to come out of Hungary in recent memory.

Réka, who has appeared in films such as Budapest Noir and On Body and Soul, joins us on Close-up Culture ahead of a busy summer of shooting.

Q: You come from a family with a theatre background. Can you tell us about your upbringing and how it helped to form you as a performer?

A: THE theatre quickly became my second home. Since I spent a lot of time backstage and my father loved his job I always felt it was a safe place for me – one I liked to be around. My parents have always encouraged me to work hard, be respectful and do something that is fulfilling while also making me feel good.

They never forbid me anything. Instead, they told and showed me the good and bad side of everything. However, the final decision has always been in my hands.

Q: Éva Gárdos’s Budapest Noir won you a lot of acclaim last year. How do you reflect on your experience working on the film?

A: WRITTEN by Vilmos Kondor, the novel the film was based on is really exciting in itself and it was obviously made for the big screen. It was a great opportunity to play the female lead in a crime story that, on top of all, takes place in 1936. I genuinely enjoyed the action scenes and I rediscovered the joys of filmmaking. On set you are able to time-travel to any historical era which is simply a magical experience.

Q: As recognition for your performance in Budapest Noir, you were named in the European Shooting Stars list (honouring Europe’s best up-and-coming stars) at the 68th Berlin Film Festival. Does this kind of acclaim mean a lot to you? What brings you joy as a performer?

A: DUE to the high amount of attention, I have received more offers. However, the most important thing is to concentrate on the respective role that I am working on at a given time and to give my best at every instance.

Shootingstars 2018(c) Harald Fuhr/EFP

I enjoy testing my limits by taking the unknown or harder path and I emerge feeling prouder of myself for daring to go down that way.

Q: You will be filming Dénes Orosz’s comedy Mimi this summer. Can you reveal anything about the project and the shooting?

A: THIS will be my first film where we are shooting 30 days straight. It is a great opportunity and great challenge at the same time.

Both the director (Dénes Orosz) and the fellow cast members (Juli Básti and Béla Mészáros) are so nice and they are such perfectionists. Working towards a common goal with such hard-working colleagues guarantees we will have a great time.

Q: Are you excited to work on a comedy?

A: OF course. People often say I have kind of a special humour which means that usually I am the only one laughing at my own jokes. I may just have the chance to make the audience laugh this time.

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