No Bull. Music To Die For – At The Bull – Sarah Jane Morris and Antonio Forcione

SATURDAY night (June 3) will see Sarah Jane Morris and Antonio Forcione return to The Bull’s Head, Barnes in London. It is sure to be a night of musical delight as they play tracks from their acclaimed 2016 album Compared To What – and a lot more besides. A mix of jazz, soul, township and classics. Everything from Stevie Wonder to Bob Dylan and their own compilations.

Since Close-Up Culture was founded a year ago, no musicians have been reviewed on our website more than this duo. This is because they are outstanding – individually and together.

Morris, with her extraordinary voice that sends shivers down the spine, a magnificent stage presence and a conscience founded on fairness and decency. And some wonderful stories thrown in about her life with an errant father, a devoted mother and a former husband who was a member of the Pogues and liked to party.

Forcione, who makes his guitar literally purr and sing. He embraces every musical genre – jazz, blues, Spanish, Cuban, Brazilian and African. Every inch of his guitar is employed to marvellous effect, none more so than when he plays Pink Panther. Back together again, Morris and Forcione will serve up a masterclass in live music.

Tickets cost £18 (in advance) – £20 on the door – and the show starts at 8.30pm.

If you are in doubt, enjoy reading the past reviews we have written on Morris and Forcione – performing individually or together.

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If you are in London on Saturday night, The Bull’s Head is a good place to be.


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