New Husband, Post Malone and Dream League Soccer: Music Picks, May 2018

WITH summer vibes on the mind, James Prestridge of Close-up Culture reveals the favourite songs he has been listening to throughout May.

New Husband – Only You

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ONLY You is a dreamy synth-pop track from debut EP ‘Self Discovery’ by Berlin-based artist New Husband, also known as Jakob Stephan.

With a twinkling ethereal synth that gives a floating – yet intimate still – quality, Only You evokes the late-night deepness of laying on the bedroom floor and ‘staring at the ceiling’ thinking about a lost lover. A saxophone is introduced in the final thirty seconds of the song in place of the soothing yearnful vocals, as our romantic ceiling-gazing reflections drift off into the sky in jazzy haze.

Listen to Only You

Tiesto and Dzeko ft. Preme and Post Malone – Jackie Chan

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POST Malone’s White Iverson was my sunny days track last summer.

This year, the versatile and highly affable artist has delivered another summer anthem, this time through a dance and hip-hop mix. The lyrics might border on nonsensical, but Malone’s deceptively soulful vocals glide catchily over the song’s kicking party beats. One to get you active and in the holiday mood.

Listen to Jackie Chan

Dream League Soccer – (So I) Broke Her Heart

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GIVEN the band’s name, it feels fitting that the Philadelphia-based duo’s music inspires the same feelings of collective insouciance within me that I used to get playing video games with my older brothers during the summer holidays.

(So I) Broke Her Heart, the first single from Dream League Soccer’s upcoming album, is like the downbeat work of an Indie British band, only with the edges smoothed down to create a gentler dream pop experience.

This is a tune I could listen to on loop for days. The perfect fit for any upcoming FIFA video game.

Listen to (So I) Broke Her Heart

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Soft Glas – Perks of Being a Wallflower
Mild Orange – Some Feeling
Kero Kero Bonito – Time Today

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