Introducing the Close-up Culture Monthly Film Challenge

WE are thrilled to announce the launch of our exciting Close-up Culture Monthly Film Challenge.

Starting this month (April), we will watch – and review – a pre-determined number of films in a given month.

This is a challenge we intend to deliver in both quality and quantity of output. Close-up Culture is determined to bring a fresh – and entertaining – perspective to the films we review. Films both big and off the beaten track. Hollywood as well as indie and international.

film challenge

As part of this initiative, each month’s Close-up Culture film challenge will have a particular theme. Whether it be beach films in July, Estonian films in February (for independence day) or American comedies to warm us in November.

For April, we will be celebrating 30 female filmmakers, featuring the work of talented directors such as Lynne Ramsey, Dee Rees, Sofia Coppola, Ana Lily Amirpour and Nancy Meyer – and many others besides.

We plan to make the Close-up Culture Film Challenge a regular feature with a variety of themes. Indeed, if it is well received, we may well scale up the challenge. Fifty or one hundred films in one month.

We do hope you join us on this new journey. Thank you for reading – and please suggest films for the upcoming female filmmaker challenge in the comment section below.

Thank you. And do not forget to subscribe to Close-up Culture. It is free, informative and determined to give you an insight into areas of film, theatre and music that others do not cover. All-inclusive. Refreshing. Topical. You get the picture.




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