Child Actor Bailey Skodje On Her Role In ‘The Crossing’

9-YEAR-OLD Bailey Skodje is set to star in new ABC show The Crossing. Close-up Culture spoke to the budding child actor about this exciting new role.

Q: You will star as Leah in ABC’s show The Crossing – premiering on 2 April. Can you tell us about your character and what you enjoyed about playing her?

A: SHE is shy at first, but starts to feel safer after a while. All she wants to do is find her mum. I like all the stunts I did for the role and I really like her story because she never gives up and is strong – just like her mum.

Q: What was the experience like for you on set and working with actors such as Steve Zahn?

A: I WAS really excited when I found out I was going to work with Steve because I love Diary of A Wimpy Kid. He is always funny on set.

All of the cast members were really fun to work with, especially Simone Kessell and Natalie Martinez. I especially liked to play practical jokes on set – you should ask Grant Harvey about the one I did to him – I got him good!

Q: You mentioned stunts and I saw in the trailer that you have a underwater scene. What was that like to film?

A: IT was like swimming in a big huge heated pool with cameras filming me – but it did feel weird having my clothes on. I had so much fun on those filming days because Natalie is a lot of fun and we were doing some really cool moves together.

Q: At just nine years old you already have such an impressive resume. What has been the most exciting part of your young career so far?

A: THE most exciting thing I have filmed is The Crossing because of all the stunts and action shots – and all of the really great people I was able to work with.

bailey the crossing
Bailey in ABC’s The Crossing

Q: Speaking of excitement, you will also be appearing on the big-screen next month in The Miracle Season. How did that compare to your TV work?

A: I ALSO had some fun with stunts in ‘The Miracle Season’ but I cannot say much about it. You will have to wait and see the movie. It was really fun, because I was able to work with my friend Ava Grace Cooper.

Q: I hear you like drawing animals and nature. What is your favourite animal?

A: OH YES, I love to do art. My favourite animal to draw is horses – I love horseback riding.

Q: Who are your role models and why?

A: NATALIE Martinez, Simone Kessel, Kelly Missal, Sadrine Holt and Georgina Haig because they are great actors – they are strong women and are nice.

I am lucky to have worked with so many amazing people but I would especially like to work with Candice Cameron Bure one day.

Title image by Karolina Turek

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