Close-up: An Interview with Linda Anborg

Q: The Square won the Palme d’Or and has been nominated for Best Foreign Language film. What has it been like to be part of such a widely-acclaimed project?

A: WELL, it has been truly amazing. Who knew The Square would be this well received. First the Palme dÓr award, then the Golden Globe nomination and now the Oscar nomination.

It is fantastic and I am very honoured to be part of such a great movie. I heard Ruben Ostlund’s number one goal was to win the Palme dÒr Award, but he did not actually have that in plan until his next film. So I guess it happened sooner than he expected.

Q: What have been your biggest lessons working on the film with people such as Terry Notary, Elisabeth Moss and Ruben Ostlund?

A: WORKING on The Square was so much fun and I must give Terry Notary a big credit for his job playing the human ape Oleg. For days, he walked around with those crutches and curved spine. I just thought to myself: ‘Poor back’. But he always gave 100 per cent in every shot. I admire people who do not whine and just give all they have got.

I got the feeling that Ruben Ostlund is a true perfectionist and he wants the scenes as natural as possible. He will not settle until he gets that perfect shot – and that is probably why his movies are so clean and nicely done. Ruben is very talented. He is calm, friendly and easy to work with.

Unfortunately, I never got to meet Elisabeth Moss during the set. I like her a lot as an actress and she seems to be a very sweet person privately. I did love her speech at the Golden Globes.

Q: Will you be attending the Oscars or watching from elsewhere? And do you have any thoughts or predictions ahead of the show?

A: I HAVE told myself that one day I will attend the Oscars, but if it does not happen this year I do hope the opportunity will come again in the near future.

I was supposed to go to Los Angeles for the Golden Globe awards but it seems my plans have changed. I think I will watch them with my friends in Stockholm. We will probably have a little gathering around the TV at home which can be fun – just less glamorous [smiles] wearing a sweater and baggy pants instead of a gala dress. Or maybe I will be at home sipping on some bubbles [smiles] and looking glamorous.

Besides The Square I do have my favourites such as Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and Shape Of Water. I love movies with supernormal influences. There are so many great movies and actors nominated – and not nominated – that it is hard to say who will win.

As for Best Actress I do hope Meryl Streep wins. I have always liked her and Best Music should definitely go to This Is Me from The Greatest Showman– – and of course The Square for Best Foreign Language. [smiles]

Q: Fitness and martial arts are an important part of your life – and came into play when you starred as Athena in Henrik Rinaldo’s short film Muscle Lovers. Can you tell us about your approach to this part of your daily routine and what benefits it brings?

A: I HAVE never really thought of my lifestyle as a benefit when it comes to acting. I have a background working as a personal trainer and in martial arts. I still go to the gym six days a week but only because I love training. I started as a six-year-old playing soccer and I guess I just never stopped loving sports. I do hope it has some benefits. I know I could easily take on a physically tougher and more demanding role since my body is well trained. I am pretty tough. [smiles].

Q: You are ready made for action films. What kind of projects and stories are you interested in?

A: THANK you, I do love action movies. My biggest goal would be to star in an action movie such as Wonder Woman or X-Men. I love Marvels and DC Comics. I also love fantasy movies such as Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars and Avatar. A girl should have dreams, right [smiles]. I do believe I would make an excellent Lara Croft.

Q: What attracted you to acting and what do you love about performing?

A: TO answer simply, I think it is so much fun even though it is a lot of hard work as well.

I guess I love the challenge of taking on a new character. It feels weird to say but it gives me a kick. For me, film is art and I love the feeling of creating – creating a character. If it was not acting I would probably need to express myself in some other way.


Q: What are your goals for this year and beyond?

A: I AM very excited for this year – it could not have started in a better way.

I am going to Los Angeles during the summer. Hopefully I will be able to book some interesting meetings while I am there. I want to move and work as an actress in LA, yes cliché right [smiles] – just like everyone else. Meanwhile I am working on that to happen.

Otherwise, my goal is to continue doing film or TV because that is what I love. I also have a big passion writing music and I hope I will have more time working on my songs. I am also writing on a script called Today Is Today, Not Tomorrow. It is a ‘feel good comedy/drama’ which I would like to finish sometime this year, but it is all about how much time you have and how much you want to sacrifice. Moreover, I am still not ready to sacrifice my training over writing. I have little free time right now.

Q: Lastly, do you have any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

A: I HAVE one role settled in a horror movie. I am not planning to become the next scream queen [smiles] but it is a different type of character so I am very excited. I have been contacted regarding other projects but nothing is firm, so I cannot say anything about these right now.

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