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Round-up: Prestridge² at the BFI London Film Festival 2017

THE BFI London Film Festival 2017 came to a close on Sunday. Catch up on all the films PrestridgeSquared.com reviewed over the last two weeks.

Faithfull – ★★

‘Faithfull is disjointed documentary making. Maybe unlike Whitney: Can I be Me (Nick Broomfield) and Amy (Asif Kapadia), Faithfull’s long life makes it impossible for Bonnaire to do the great songster justice. Or to add anything new to the Faithfull party. A shame. Broken documentary making’… read more

How to Talk to Girls at Parties – ★★

‘Fanning’s performance – capturing an alien innocence and delivering Zen’s unwittingly matter-of-fact lines – is deserving of a better film. Much of Fanning’s charm is lost in a tiring final portion of the film, as the conflict between the punks and the aliens comes to a head’… read more


Angels Wear White – ★★★

‘Angels Wear White is a brave film from a brave director. More please Vivian Qu’… read more

April’s Daughter – ★★★★

‘April’s Daughter is The Jerry Springer Show for an arthouse audience. It might be just as ludicrous and divisive for some, but there is much to admire in both Franco’s filmmaking and Suarez’s performance’… read more

Have A Nice Day – ★★★★

‘Liu’s script has sublime wit. We drop in on conversations that, however mundane or insignificant they may seem, are effortlessly entertaining. An analogy equating shopping to levels of freedom had the audience howling, as did casual references to Trump and Brexit’… read more

Makala – ★★★★

‘MAKALA is as tender a documentary as you will view next year – when it goes out on general release in February’… read more

Jane – ★★★★

‘At the core of this glorious documentary, of course, is a Goodall inspired message about the importance of protecting nature. Jane is not just celebration, but also a poignant reminder of the hard work that lies ahead’… read more


On Chesil Beach – ★★★★ **Jeff’s Pick**

‘On Chesil Beach does justice to McEwan’s book – helped no doubt by the fact that the author wrote the screenplay. Director Dominic Cooke has put together a film that cannot fail to tear at your heart’…read more

Apostasy – ★★★★

‘Apostasy, is an accomplished piece of filmmaking that shines a light into the world of this religion that promises a future paradise on earth where everyone is equal. But only after Armageddon (it was meant to happen in 1975 but never quite materialised). Maybe President Trump and President Kim Jong-un will bring it about’…read more

Tiger Girl – ★★★★★ **James’ Pick**

‘FEW films, if any, at the BFI London Film Festival will be as rebellious and riotously funny as Jakob Lass’ Tiger Girl. This is the kind of film that grabs the rulebook and, with a gleeful grin and baseball bat in hand, smashes it to pieces’…read more

L’Equilibrio – ★★★★★

‘The fact that most of the cast had never acted before adds to the film’s veracity. Powerful. Absorbing. Brave. A mix of fiction and facts. Faction. A morality play posing as a film. Must see cinema. Bravo Vincenzo Marra’… read more

If you attended the festival, what was your favourite film? If you did not, which film are you looking forward to seeing the most? Comment below!


  1. Very interesting. I am especially interested to see On Chesil Beach. This is not my favourite book of McEwan (my favourites are Atonement and The Children Act), but because it has Ronan in the leading role, I will see it. And, of course, I am excited to see L’Equilibrio. I will enjoy this film 100%. I just know it.

    1. Thanks so much. Loved both On Chesil Beach and L’Equilibrio. Keep enjoying what we are doing. Feedback is essential

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